Immaculate Bathrooms

Attention to details makes our bathrooms stand out

Beautiful Kitchens

Our workmanship makes all the difference!

Superb Builders CA

is the leading General Contractor
in California

Specializing in projects from kitchen and bath remodels to new home construction from the ground up.

Why Do you want to do Business with Us?

We have been remodeling homes for years and all these years of experience have allowed us to become experts in the business and also learn that when people let us work with them, they are opening the doors to their homes..

For that reason you can be sure you have the best team to beautify your home. It’s your home and it should not be a headache to make it just perfect.

Why Do you want to do Business with Us?


All our staff and crew have special training and years of experience in the construction business.


We welcome questions an we are in constant communication with you to solve any question you may have and to be informed at any moment of the status of the job

Customer Service

We take pride in our outstanding customer Service. Remodeling your house with is the best experience with a contractor you will ever have.


We make sure every detail of the job is completed to your satisfaction and the highest standards. We build dream kitchensbathrooms and homes and our high quality ending results set us apart from the competition


Nowadays, the kitchen is much more than the room where food is made. It is an intimate place that needs to express the home’s house. Beautiful memories are created in the kitchen, such as a Sunday breakfast with the family or a fun night with friends.

Remodeling your kitchen to make it the perfect place for these moments to happen, require an experience team to achieve the right balance of aesthetics and functionality.

Home Remodeling

Installing hard wood floors is a wonderful way to improve your living space.

Whether you want to remodel and go for a high-fashion look, or if you are just trying to reduce maintenance hardwood floors is the quickest way to change the look of your home

Renovation & Additions

Your family can grow, you may need an office at home, or maybe you just want that playing room you promised yourself so long ago; whichever is the case, you don’t need a bigger house, you can always add a new room to your home.

You have the idea; we have the experience to make it true.

Whatever it is, it should be just perfect and fit with your original home. Let us be your team for adding that new piece of home.

Bathroom Remodeling

We can turn that outdated check into the kind of toilet you can be proud of! The procedure starts when we sit down with you to talk about exactly what you would like from your bathroom area and draw up strategies to attain your vision.

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